California GenAI toolkit

This toolkit should support and empower state entities to be able to self-assess risk levels, collaborate with the Department of Technology, General Services, Agency Information Officers, and other Executives on higher risk use cases, and document and share learnings throughout their transition to the use of GenAI.

About this toolkit

This toolkit serves as a guide for California state entities in understanding and responsibly adopting GenAI in their work, as appropriate. As artificial intelligence capabilities rapidly advance, it's crucial that California state staff have the knowledge to obtain, evaluate, and use these tools in an ethical, unbiased way that serves the public good.

Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-12-23 (Executive Order) emphasizes the need for responsible implementation of GenAI throughout state government. To achieve that purpose, this toolkit complements broader state guidelines on GenAI adoption by offering resources for State staff to identify, procure, and/or use potential GenAI use cases.

GenAI Executive Order

Toolkit content pages

Where to start

Explains your responsibilities in procurement and use of GenAI technology.

GenAI use cases

Helps you identify potential ways to use GenAI, considering both the benefits and risks.

Training and resources

Helps you find relevant training and other resources to answer questions about GenAI.

Risk assessment

Helps you assess the level of risk (low, moderate, or high) in GenAI projects.


Helps you navigate procurement processes for GenAI technology.

Roadmap & FAQ

Helps you find relevant training and other resources to answer questions about GenAI.

Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit is for cross-functional state teams seeking to procure and evaluate Generative AI (GenAI) use cases. This includes people with varying roles, including GenAI leads, technologist, information security, procurement, legal, and program delivery.

The goal of this Toolkit is to equip state employees with the insights needed to deploy GenAI safely, fairly and effectively. This technology holds promise but also many risks if used without necessary guardrails and informed without proper engagement.

Moreover, given GenAI is a new technology, we expect that 2024 will be a year of piloting, testing, and learning as vendors create standalone GenAI products and begin to offer GenAI-enhanced software updates to preexisting products.

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